Legal Defense

FOP Legal Defense Plan Overview

The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan, Inc. was created by the National FOP to administer
the FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. This program is designed specifically to cover the law enforcement exposures faced by members of the FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. by paying legal defense costs on behalf 
of participating members for the following actions and proceedings:

• Coverage A – Administrative (includes Administrative Off-Duty)
• Coverage B – Civil
• Coverage C – Criminal

For the law enforcement professional, duty-related legal defense protection is a necessity as the 
frequency and cost of allegations against peace officers continues to rise. The FOP Legal Defense Plan, Inc. offers you and your lodge members a very affordable and comprehensive coverage plan. Please 
refer to the options above for additional information on Plan coverages, enrollment, and claims services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the FOP Legal Defense Plan?
A – A self-funded ERISA plan that is available to eligible FOP groups and individual members. The Plan provides defense coverage for Administrative proceedings including those arising off-duty and outside the scope of employment, Civil and Criminal actions that arise in the scope of your law enforcement duties.

Q – Who owns the Legal Defense Plan and how long has the Plan been in operation?
A – The Legal Defense Plan was created and is sponsored by the Grand Lodge FOP. All decisions are made by a Board of FOP members. The Plan started on May 1, 1995 and is currently operating in its 19th year.

Q – How do I enroll in the FOP Legal Defense Plan and when will coverage be effective?
A – Simply fill out the registration form online. The effective date of Plan coverage for any participant will be the following day after approval of your completed application and participation fees.